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Thank you for your help with this important film project!

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Book Collage

Your generous contribution will help us produce a story worthy of the Mormon Battalion and others who helped build the American West.

Your donation of $50 or more includes a complimentary copy of a 51-page, illustrated book. This book reveals the history of Fort Moore Hill and the vital contributions of the Mormon Battalion in building the Fort, that stood above Los Angeles for over 40 years, before being demolished in 1886. This rare book that cannot be purchased or acquired on-line other than through this website, was deposited in the time capsule, at the base of the flagpole at the Fort Moore Pioneer Memorial in July 2019.

Your donation of $500 or more includes a complimentary copy of a two-volume set (totaling over 1,000 pages) of books about the Mormon Battalion, written by Battalion expert Sherman Fleek, and entitled Called to War: Dawn of the Mormon Battalion and War in the Far West: March of the Mormon Battalion. These novels tell the riveting story of the Barlow family’s trek west that highlights in gritty detail the daily story of the Mormon Battalion’s epic march.

You may also contribute on-line and use credit card payment on this page.

If you prefer to pay by check, please make your check payable to The Fort Moore Garrison and mail your contribution to:

Fort Moore Garrison
21921 Camden
Lake Forest, CA 92630

The Fort Moore Garrison is a 501(c)(3) tax-qualified, non-profit corporation and your contribution is tax-deductible, for the vast majority of taxpayers, but we advise individual donors to consult their tax advisor. After making your donation, you will receive a tax compliance letter, certifying your tax-deductible contribution and stating the amount of anything of value received in exchange, to maintain for your tax records.