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From Mormon Battalion Member to Civil War Soldier: The Military Service of Henry Wells Jackson

—Devan Jensen and Paul A. Hoffman

Henry Wells Jackson was a wandering Mormon hero. His story is both an adventure tale and a love story, albeit one with a tragic ending. Henry was born the seventh of thirteen children in Chemung, New York, on March 10, 1827. His parents were William Jackson (1787–1869) and Mary Troy (1795–1838). His mother died when Henry was eleven, and he moved in with his older brother James. James joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and moved his family to Nauvoo, Illinois. Henry tagged along and was baptized at age seventeen by John Hicks on January 28, 1844. When the Saints were forced from Nauvoo, the two brothers became separated in Iowa, where this story begins.

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Abraham Hunsaker and the Mormon Battalion

Abraham Hunsaker was one of the first to respond when the call came for 500 young able-bodied volunteers to serve in the war against Mexico. At this time he was nearing his thirty-fourth birthday.

After he had time to reflect he feared that he had acted unwisely in offering his services. He knew that this response meant that he would have to leave Eliza, his wife, with six small children, the oldest being 11 years old. His family would be homeless with nothing but a covered wagon to shelter them and would have little provisions for even the bare necessities of life. He knew not how long his services might be required; he also knew that his travels would take him over many miles of uncharted territory, where hazards and dangers of every description might be lying in wait for him, making the possibility of his return doubtful.

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“History may be searched in vain for an equal march of infantry. Half of it has been through a wilderness where nothing but savages and beasts are found, or deserts where for lack of water, there is no living creature found”

Lt. Col. Philip St. George Cooke, Commander of the Mormon Battalion
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